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13 May Of Obligation and Abnegation.
Nawsheen Muzammil Qadri 0 139
"Oh messenger, Tell thy daughters and wives and all believing muslim women that when they leave their homes, they drape themselves well to proclaim their identity and their non availability for every other male." and this is why hijaab! Hey it's my Almighty's command and a grant of my protection that I whole heartily accept. As salamu Alaikum fam! ..
13 May Because i chose so.
Nawsheen Muzammil Qadri 0 145
"The world is advancing at a pace and I intend to stay updated. Staying updated as a Muslim I mean. I've got my fine gadgets, I can dress around my female folks and my husband as I like, devour at my favourite fast foods, go for shopping as many times I want to, be the adventures I can be, learn different arts and stay put with my religion at the s..
13 May Abaya trend in India
Nawsheen Muzammil Qadri 0 467
Abaya refers to a robe like dressing that is and has been an outdoor garment for every Muslim woman who wants to appear modest and at the same time appeal the shyness. The word abaya comes from an Arabic word abaya that translates to a full-length outer garment worn by some Muslim women, some not all Muslim women. The question is why apparel of a k..
13 May Types of Abaya
Nawsheen Muzammil Qadri 0 126
A black overall for Muslimah and that too of a single type? Well, not any more 'cuz we at Almodest are here to make you look both classy and daunting while prescribing to the restraints of our religion. Presenting the best designs ever made available:1. The casual look abaya:The kind whose evolution can be traced from the traditional abaya, with ni..
11 May Trending abayas around the world
Nawsheen Muzammil Qadri 0 135
Here is a list of some Muslim apparel terms that we come across in our everyday lives:AbayaIt is a simple, dilated robe like over-garment  worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Abayas are traditionally black in color and may be either a large square shaped fabric draped from the shoulde..
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